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From the Brain of the Beast

Read up on the latest blog posts by Team Triclawps.

  • Shane Smith’s 2012 Coues deer

    Shane and JP both had central AZ Coues deer tags. Shane found a group of bucks three weeks before the season opener, finding them on subsequent trips drinking from the same stock tank. One buck boasted very long tines which really caught Shane’s eye. Opening morning welcomed us with 30 mph winds. Mid morning the […]

  • Dogs and Dogs go Down

    We want to thank recent Triclawps customer Brett B. for sending his latest field report from northern Arizona. Bret’s a coyote killing machine and a reminder to us all that there’s never a better time to be in the field than right now, regardless of the time of year. Here’s to Brett; We and the […]

  • Accuracy V. Precision

    You’ve heard it said, “It’s better to be lucky than good,” as if there’s a difference between the two. But I always thought that the better I am at something, the more luck I’d seem to have too. When it comes to shooting, a lucky shot is being accurate at the right time; but good […]


To get started using a Triclawps system you need three things:

  • Tripod Legs
  • Tripod Head
  • Triclawps Adapter

Simply screw the tripods “quick release” plate into the bottom of the Triclawps adapter.

If there is no “quick release” plate with your tripod, just screw the Triclawps adapter directly onto the tripod’s fixed screw.

If you’re just getting started, or want to upgrade your tripod, we offer high-quality tripods that to us, represent the best combinations of weight and stability.

Take advantage of our huge discounts by ordering a complete system.