There we were, looking down on a really great Arizona Coues deer buck 621 yards away completely unaware of our presence. We’d watched the buck bed beneath a large oak tree through our tripod mounted binoculars some hours ago, and we were getting nervous that the deer was about to move. Our problem was that we hadn’t yet found a suitable location on the steep canyon side for a prone shot; and at that distance, we had to get prone. Long story short… we didn’t get it done. And we’ve been haunted by that day ever since.

You’ve probably experience being unable to find a suitable rest to make a shot too; and if you haven’t, you will.

The entire time we watched that buck, however, the solution to our problem was right below our eyes… the tripod was the answer. Deeply disappointed by that missed opportunity, we soon came up with the idea to create a way to mount your rifle to the tripod we were already carrying.

That was 4 years ago. That was how Triclawps was born.

Today, Triclawps is used by hunters and marksmen around the world who are tired of messing with wobbly shooting sticks, and who realize that in most actual field situations, shooting prone off a bipod is more of a fairy tale than a possibility.

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