Triclawps manhandles trucks

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We’ve been asked recently if Triclawps is heavy-duty enough for serious use, or for rifles heavier than 10 pounds (the rifle above, a .300 Tejas by Cross Canyon Arms, weighs in at about 13lbs., and we’ve shot .50 Barretts off it.)

To put all concerns to rest, Triclawps isn’t made of some cheap Chinese plastic crap you wouldn’t let your toddler gnaw on. Though not intended as a chew toy for your chalupas, the material was selected exactly for its strength to weight ratio; and the savings it afforded us in the manufacturing process is why we’re able to offer Triclawps for significantly less than the copycat products that are still made of machined aluminum like our first model from over 4 years ago.

Think about it for a minute. When a rifle recoils, it does so directly opposite to the direction of the bullet’s acceleration. There’s little to no direct force that would break the clamping arms, since the energy runs parallel to it. What’s important, then, is how the mechanism actually clamps to your firearm. Is its clamping strength sufficient to hold your rifle in place when you fire? The locking levers in our design will not loosen if appropriately employed, ensuring your firearm stays put. And they will not unintentionally, unknowingly come loose if bumped by an external object like debris or a tree limb, etc., etc., etc.

Considering the direction of the forces applied to the adapter when a rifle is fired, machined aluminum clamps like the early model Gun CLAWs do little more than add weight to your pack… and reduce the weight in your wallet. So unless you’re planning to double your tripod clamp as a wheel ramp when your girlfriend changes the oil in your Civic, your hard earned cash is better spent on high quality optics, tripods, and other essential gear.

We manufacture every Triclawps component in the United States (Washington State and Arizona to be exact,) to extremely high quality standards. And everything is assembled in Arizona by legal US citizens. We warranty everything for the life/afterlife of the product. If you have a problem… send it back. If you don’t like it… send it back. If you’re wife or girlfriend finds out you’re spending cash on more gear and threatens that its the Triclawps or her… think hard for a minute, then send it back (or send her if she’s low-maintenance, good looking, and really does change your oil). Fact is, it works. We’ve never had a unit returned to us.

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  1. Hey Triclawps

    I heard about your product from my friend who’s dad works for Mossaback, the Curtis’s
    I have a bull elk hunt coming up and Im planning on some good 700 yard shots or so.
    Im so dead set on getting your package deal the feather weight, looks like a great investment.
    Im excited because this changes the way I will hunt coyotes now instead of sitting down and calling I will wack them standing up with the Claw and be just as stirdy and likely more than sitting down with a bi pod.
    My questiion is do you have any sales coming up or discounted rates. Im a college student so im really saving up and selling everything I own. ha.
    Also I live in Flagstaff but am willing to come to your store to pick up the product.
    My other question is will it be cheaper to order online only paying for shipping and no tax or will I still have to. If I come into your store if I pay cash will I also have the product cheaper that way or what?

    Please feel free to send me an email. I will be a life long customer and definetley refer your product.

    Brett Bentley

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