The Rock-2


Perfect for getting started. Solid performance. Limited expense.

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It’s not the least expensive system because it works the worst. To the contrary, this is our most stable set up hands down. It’s just not one you want to pack on your back if you have a long way to go. We’ve paired classic aluminum legs with the finest fluid pan head to create a super, rock solid, shooting rest. If you’re going to hunt from blinds not far from vehicular access, or are more of a recreational shooter, this is the tripod for you. Of course, you could always take the money you save with this system and buy yourself a gym membership. Maybe with a few more days in the squat rack the few extra pounds of this system won’t be a big deal.

As with all our packages, we’ve topped the Manfrotto 294 aluminum tripod with the Manfrotto MVH500AH fluid pan head. Don’t forget to pick up an extra quick release plate before checking out. It’ll come in handy for your binoculars or spotting scope.