The Quickie


The ultimate in stability and rapid deployment.

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The Rolls Royce of tripods, this tripod was built with quality and convenience in mind. With its patented leg extension technology it will have you fully extended or fully retracted in record time. There are no “leg knobs” on this tripod. You simply pull down on the legs and they extend at will. As soon as you stop pulling on them they will immediately lock into place at the desired height. To retract you simply push a button at the top of the leg and the leg will freely retract. Let go of the button and the leg locks into place again at that position. Adjust for uneven terrain with a simple depression of a button. Throw in the two section center column for the prone position and this tripod has all the features needed with one big luxury thrown in. As with all our packages the legs are topped with the Manfrotto MVH500AH fluid pan head.