Shane Smith’s 2012 Coues deer

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Shane and JP both had central AZ Coues deer tags. Shane found a group of bucks three weeks before the season opener, finding them on subsequent trips drinking from the same stock tank. One buck boasted very long tines which

really caught Shane’s eye. Opening morning welcomed us with 30 mph winds. Mid morning the bucks showed up at the tank, and Shane made a shot, missing in the crosswind. Sticking with it, however, really paid off, as Shane found his buck again just before dark the second day feeding in a canyon adjacent to the stock tank. By the next morning, the bucks had moved slightly, but Cade and Shane found them from a high perch overlooking a finger in the canyon. Shane made an excellent 420 yard shot on a steep decline using the Featherweight Tripod Shooting System, and put his best Arizona Coues deer in the dirt. The buck measures 97″, is very young, and would have no doubt been a special buck had it lived just a few more years. Congratulations Shane!

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