Shane Smith’s 2012 Coues deer

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Shane and JP both had central AZ Coues deer tags. Shane found a group of bucks three weeks before the season opener, finding them on subsequent trips drinking from the same stock tank. One buck boasted very long tines which really caught Shane’s eye. Opening morning welcomed us with 30 mph winds. Mid morning the bucks showed up at … Read More

Dogs and Dogs go Down

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We want to thank recent Triclawps customer Brett B. for sending his latest field report from northern Arizona. Bret’s a coyote killing machine and a reminder to us all that there’s never a better time to be in the field than right now, regardless of the time of year. Here’s to Brett; We and the antelope fawns thank you! Hey … Read More

Accuracy V. Precision

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You’ve heard it said, “It’s better to be lucky than good,” as if there’s a difference between the two. But I always thought that the better I am at something, the more luck I’d seem to have too. When it comes to shooting, a lucky shot is being accurate at the right time; but good shooters are accurate all the … Read More

Triclawps manhandles trucks

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We’ve been asked recently if Triclawps is heavy-duty enough for serious use, or for rifles heavier than 10 pounds (the rifle above, a .300 Tejas by Cross Canyon Arms, weighs in at about 13lbs., and we’ve shot .50 Barretts off it.) To put all concerns to rest, Triclawps isn’t made of some cheap Chinese plastic crap you wouldn’t let your … Read More

Dustin Roe finishes his sheep slam

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We had the pleasure of meeting Sitka athlete and crazy good sheep guide Dustin Roe at the Dallas Safari Club show in early January. Dustin runs a top notch outfit for those inclined to brave the inclines of British Columbia’s sheep and goat country. We just heard back from Dustin on our Facebook page, where he posted a picture of … Read More

Eleven year old makes 330 yard javelina head shot

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I can’t believe I haven’t posted this already. Back in February, eleven year old hunter, Hunter, shot and killed a javelina by parsing the ocotillo and delivering the 180 grain .300 RUM bullet directly to the unlucky pigs head. It’s a hell of a shot. But better than the shot itself, is the confidence Hunter shows prior to squeezing the … Read More

Killer for kids. Adults too!

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Here’s another video of a super shot by a twelve year old hunter, Jacob. In this case a 300 yard one-shot kill on a sweet Arizona Coues buck. Triclawps help more kids make more shots than any other shooting platform on the market. But don’t be fooled. It’s equally effective for adults. Also, I also liked what Jacob’s guide with … Read More

Someone drew an elk tag. =)

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Arizona bull elk

Word has it Arizona someone here at Triclawps lucked into an early Arizona bull tag. We don’t know the details yet; but after months of neglect we finally checked our online bank statements to see a recent withdrawal from the Arizona Game and Fish Department in a suspiciously similar amount to an Arizona bull elk tag (exact to be exact). … Read More

2012 Triclawps Sonoran Coues deer hunt

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Coues deer

Cade and Tyler made the annual trip to Sonora Mexico in January to hunt giant Mexican Coues deer. Both tagged out with Boone and Crockett quality bucks. Both killed deer using Triclawps tripod mounted rifle rest. And both avoided Montezuma’s revenge. All in all, it was a great trip. Hope you enjoy the video.

Aaron Davidson on using tripod systems for shooting

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Aaron Davidson is the owner of Gunwerks, and one hell of a smart guy about long range shooting, the physics of projectile ballistics, and how to shoot off the various tripod mounted rifle rests. In this video, Aaron discusses 4 different tripod systems, and what range he’s comfortable shooting off each. Triclawps is included… watch what he has to say.